About us

About the Company

Since 2009, Omnia Construction LLC has been helping the greater Lake Norman community renovate and remodel their homes. We operate under the belief that what we do for our clients is provide a service rather than a product. While a newly remodeled home is technically a product, the process of getting there, from inception through completion is all service. It’s that service mindset that helps to set us apart and it’s the thing we’re constantly working to improve. We work in our clients’ homes every day- this is where they raise their children, where their most important conversations happen, where the grandkids come to visit and they gather for dinner as a family. We’re in their safe space and it’s personal. We understand and we agree.

When we talk with prospective clients who have had issues with previous projects, what we consistently hear traces back to a lack of communication. The request is perfectly reasonable; people want to be informed about their project. They want to know when work is scheduled, when inspections are happening, when the water will need to be turned off and for how long. Clients also want to know when there is not going to be someone working in their home; it’s just as important. Great communication is the key to a well-run construction project and it’s something we pride ourselves on providing.

Our work is a lasting testament to our lifestyle and our legacy, and for this reason we take special care with each and every client so that we can be sure they are not only satisfied with their end results, but also certain they are living in a home that fosters the lifestyle they deserve.

Scott Liseno

Scott Liseno has always had a passion for creating and building. His love for seeing things built from virtually nothing has been transformative for him in the professional world. He holds a BS in Accounting with a Spanish minor (who knew how handy that was going to be?) Scott’s career in construction began in Dallas, TX in 1998, where he worked as a project manager for a homebuilder. There he developed his knowledge-base and a superior ability to make meaningful connections with clients, co-workers and trade professionals. After 23+ years of expanding on a higher level of professionalism and construction experience, Scott is still dedicated to growth, learning and supplying the highest quality construction services available. Scott enjoys F3 workouts in the early morning (If you don’t know about F3, please feel free to ask him about it). He also loves pickleball, table tennis, good salsa and reading non-fiction. He’s lives in Huntersville with his wife and four sons.

Kara Carpenter

Kara Carpenter joined Omnia Construction as the Business Relationship Manager in May 2017. She brings with her over 13 years of commercial property development experience and holds a BA in Sociology. She serves multiple roles to help The Omnia Team run efficiently, including managing marketing, bookkeeping, client-relations and of course business development. Kara is an avid traveler whose favorite destinations include The British Virgin Islands and anywhere she can find a beach.

David Marconi

David Marconi is our Senior Project Manager. He relocated to North Carolina in the summer of 2019 bringing 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial sales and project management with him. Dave prides himself on his attention to detail in all aspects of his projects and continuously strives to learn, and apply that knowledge, to achieve a better customer experience. He holds a BA in English from the University of Buffalo. A true patriot, Dave loves all things American and is passionate about supporting our military and first responders. He resides in Waxhaw with his wife, two children and his two German shepherd dogs.